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Yunnan Postal Branch strives to build Air Silk Road
Yunnan Postal Branch strives to build Air Silk Road
| Jiupai News |2021-09-03

On September 1, the message was released from China Post Group Yunnan Branch (hereinafter referred to as Yunnan Postal Branch) that it would fully leverage the geographical location of Yunnan to build an Air Silk Road linking South Asia, Southeast Asia and the area around the Indian Ocean.

Since last year, due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, airlines have drastically reduced or cancelled international flights, which has strained the resources of international air cargo services and made it difficult to export and import cross-border goods. Giving full play to the function of Kunming Changshui International Airport, Yunnan Postal Branch has expanded air transport channels to South and Southeast Asia. It has opened a dedicated air route for international mail and cargo freight between Kunming and Bangkok, Thailand, where the international mail items from China are transferred to the world via a third country. At the same time, all the inbound international mail and cross-border commercial express items from all over the world are transported to Kunming by the dedicated postal air link after converged at a third country. The opening and efficient operation of the "Kunming-Bangkok" air route, has effectively supported Yunnan Postal Branch in its international mail transport to Southeast Asia, and solved the problems of logistics, transportation and distribution of import and export goods, cross-border e-commerce packages, fruits and fresh products from the local commercial enterprises in Yunnan.

In addition, Yunnan Postal Branch has launched the first "Kunming - San Francisco, USA" dedicated direct cargo charter flights by refitted passenger aircraft. Relying on Kunming Changshui International Airport, coordinating such airports as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou, and using the bellyhold of passenger flights, Yunnan Postal Branch has opened 17 air postal routes from Kunming to such countries as the United States, the UK and France, driving the development of the export industry in Yunnan province to a great extent. As a case in point, on July 30, 2021, an international all-cargo aircraft of China Postal Airlines, carrying fresh matsutake, a high-quality product from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, successfully landed in Osaka, Japan, after integrated customs clearance, marking the formal opening of the matsutake international logistics dedicated line service by Yunnan Postal Branch.

From January to July this year, the international service revenue of Yunnan Postal Branch grew cumulatively by 35.44%. By the end of July this year, the "Kunming-Bangkok" air route had operated 137 flights, transporting more than 4,500 tons of goods, facilitating e-commerce enterprises to generate nearly 400 million yuan (about 61.88 million US dollars) in international trade.

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