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Village delivery of express parcels launched
Village delivery of express parcels launched
| China Post News |2021-09-03

Recently China Post officially rolled out village delivery service for express parcels in rural areas to effectively safeguard the postal needs of rural residents, which highlights the responsibility of China Post as a state-owned enterprise directly under the central government.

Village delivery of express parcels offers service commitment, targeted at addressees in towns and villages. For village delivery service in such areas, China Post solemnly promises that it will determinedly resist double charges or extra charges for delivery and will ensure that parcels can be delivered to the addresses in administrative villages.

It is said that express parcels with e-shipping label bearing “Express Parcel - Village Delivery” or “No Double Charges, Village Delivery for Village Addresses” are the items that enjoy promised service. If the promised standards are not met, customers can make complaints via the following channels: calling the service hotline 11183 or complaining on the online service platforms like EMS WeChat Official Account or Mini Program, Alipay Life or the APP of China Post. Once the post is held accountable, the complainant will be properly compensated.

Currently, China Post first launches the service on its ULE.com. Going forward, China Post will continue its efforts to enhance the cooperation with e-commerce platforms in broader areas so that more users in rural areas can enjoy the village delivery service and more people can enjoy greater convenience in express delivery, thereby more people become beneficiaries of the industry.

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