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Yiwu-Moscow new mail route opens
Yiwu-Moscow new mail route opens
| China Post |2021-09-26

On the afternoon of September 19, as the declaration of customs transit information and the customs sealing were completed, the “Yiwu-Moscow” highway-railway intermodal transport mail trucks, fully loaded with cross-border mail items, drove slowly out of Yiwu Office of Exchange for international mail. The mail items are transported by truck then by rail, and expected to arrive in Moscow 15 days later. The first mail truck has collected 27,000 mail items to Russia from Cainiao Smart Logistics Network, which indicates that Yiwu has become the first county-level city in China conducting the highway-railway intermodal mail transport.

This year, China Post and Cainiao platform have communicated many times, aiming to further improve the customer experience of mail service for merchants selling goods to Russia, reduce the transport cost of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and build the new outbound passage of land transportation to Russia. Both sides have reached consensus, set up a project team, and coordinated with the customs, thus accelerating the implementation of the “Yiwu-Moscow” highway-railway intermodal mail transport project. This intermodal transport, unaffected by such factors as sailing schedules and port congestion as with sea transport, which can effectively improve the time limit of mail items, and enable the overall transport time used through the new passage to be reduced by 30 days in comparison with sea transport.

In order to guarantee the highway-railway intermodal transport of international mail items, Yiwu Customs has designated special personnel to follow up the project, offered 24/7 booking customs clearance service, and optimized the procedures of export review and clearance for mail items so as to ensure the timely departure of mail vans.

The opening of the new passage of “Yiwu-Moscow” highway-railway intermodal transport is conducive to further promoting the economic and trade development between China and Russia, enabling Yiwu to become an important channel of land transport of mail to Russia for Zhejiang and even other postal branches in China. It will expand the international cross-border mail transport channels of China Post and facilitate Yiwu to develop into an international model city featuring the world's capital of small commodities.

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