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China Post issues compliance guidelines for business outsourcing and overseas business
China Post issues compliance guidelines for business outsourcing and overseas business
|China Post News|2022-01-05

Recently, the Compliance Guidelines for Business Outsourcing and Compliance Guidelines for Overseas Business (Parcel, Express and Logistics Business) (hereinafter referred to as the Two Guidelines), compiled by the office of law-based corporate governance leading group of China Post Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group), were officially issued. They will be used as textbooks of the eighth five-year plan for increasing public knowledge of the law in postal enterprises’ law training programs and compliance publicity and education.

Promoting State-owned enterprises to strengthen rule-based management is an important measure to carry out the decisions and plans made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and deepen the law-based corporate governance. 2022 is the year for enterprises directly under the central government to strengthen rule-based management and also for China Post to improve its management. To thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law, China Post Group has pushed forward to a greater extent the establishment of rule-based managerial system in postal enterprises, and sorted out and examined their major business areas and key management processes. It has finally found out that business outsourcing, due to its extensive application, complex legal relationships and high risk, and overseas parcel, express and logistics business, due to the different legal environment, diverse legal relationships and complexity in dispute handling, are areas where postal enterprises need to guide and regulate the compliance.

Based on the characteristics of business outsourcing and overseas parcel, express and logistics business as well as the key points for rule-based risk management and control, the Two Guidelines have timely responded to and explained typical compliance cases involved in operations and management, and proposed targeted guidance and suggestions, thus becoming fundamental reference books in guiding rule-based operations and management as well as risk prevention and control in related areas. Some content of the Two Guidelines will be released on the official WeChat account China Post Legal Report (Xiaoyou Shuofa), so that the managerial force at all levels may have easy access to them whenever necessary. The issuance of the Two Guidelines will facilitate postal enterprises to comply with the basic regulations in their daily operations, keep risk prevention firmly in mind, and consistently improve law- and rule-based operations and management, so as to better serve and involve into the new dual-circulation development pattern, and push forward the second rise and the sustainable and sound high-quality development of China Post.

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