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Stamp issued to commemorate RCEP’s entry into force
Stamp issued to commemorate RCEP’s entry into force
|China Post News|2022-01-01



On January 1, China Post issued 1 piece of commemorative stamp entitled RCEP Taking Effect with the denomination of 1.20 yuan and the planned circulation of 6.8 million sets.

The set of the stamp takes “RCEP”, the abbreviation of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, as the main element, where these four letters are composed of different blocks of colors. The background of the picture consists of simple and upward dynamic lines and is supplemented by such elements as building clusters and the Earth, symbolizing economic growth and urban prosperity, and implying that the entry into force of RCEP will have positive effects on its member states. The whole picture, in concise design, highlights its theme properly. The stamp is printed by Beijing Stamp Printing House Company Limited in photogravure technology.

It is said that the ASEAN Secretariat, the official depository for the RCEP, released the announcement on November 2, 2021, that six member countries of the ASEAN, including Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and 4 non-ASEAN countries involving China, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, had formally submitted their RCEP ratification, meeting the conditions for the deal to enter into force in those 10 countries on January 1, 2022. The effective implementation of the agreement will play a key role in further promoting free trade, stabilizing industrial and supply chains as well as boosting the high-level opening-up of China.


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