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Debut of "Year of Ren Yin" special stamps at the National Museum of China
Debut of "Year of Ren Yin" special stamps at the National Museum of China
|China Post|2022-01-05

On January 5, the "Year of Ren Yin" special stamps launching ceremony was held at the National Museum of China.

Liu Aili, Chairman of China Post Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group), Feng Dazhong, the designer of the "Year of Ren Yin" special stamps and famous artist, Wang Chunfa, Director of the National Museum of China, Dai Yingjun, Deputy Director of the State Post Bureau, Yang Limin, Chairman of the 7th Council of All-China Philatelic Federation, Zhang Tianzuo, Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Lu Xiaobo, Dean of the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University and Vice Chairman of China Artists Association, Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, Zhang Quan, Vice President of China Tower Co., Ltd., strategic partners of China Post Group and leaders and guests from BOCOG (the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games) attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Liu Aili, Feng Dazhong, Wang Chunfa, Dai Yingjun, Zhang Tianzuo, and Zhang Quan jointly unveiled the "Year of Ren Yin" special stamps.


Liu Aili presents a Certificate of the Selected Design to Feng Dazhong and a commemorative picture frame of the first edition of the Year of Ren Yin zodiac stamps numbered 01.


Kang Ning, Yang Limin, Lu Xiaobo and Guo Dandan, a skiing world champion, jointly unveil the First Day Cover of the Year of Ren Yin.



Kang Ning said in the speech that stamp issuance has resonance with the context of the times and the social development. Zodiac stamps, as the backbone element of Chinese stamp art, always adhere to the principle of inviting famous artists, integrating cultural concepts and creating high-quality stamps to deliver New Year's blessings to the people.



In his speech, Lu Xiaobo said that stamps are artworks on paper, which allow the artistic creation of famous artists to enter thousands of households in the most convenient way. He hopes that in the future, China Artists Association and China Post could continue to carry out in-depth cooperation, and let the infinite light of arts shine through the finite space of a stamp.



Feng Dazhong, the stamp designer, shared his experience of creating zodiac stamps. He admitted that stamp design is not only an artistic creation, but also bears part of social responsibility. As an artist, he has the obligation to bravely undertake this work.



The "Year of Ren Yin" special stamps are the seventh set in the fourth round of Chinese zodiac stamps, which is a set of two, named respectively "National Prosperity" and "Auspicious Tigers". The former depicts the image of a majestic tiger climbing the mountain, standing and looking far away, conveying the meaning of national prosperity and lofty ideal; The latter depicts the warm scene of a gentle-faced mother tiger with two little ones, implying a thriving and happy family.




Starting from Jan 5, 2022, consumers can purchase the stamps at the designated postal outlets of China Post, Online Mall of China Philately, China Post Mobile App and other related online channels.

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