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Postal employees serving Winter Olympics remain at work during the Chinese New Year
Postal employees serving Winter Olympics remain at work during the Chinese New Year
|China Post News|2022-02-09

Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games officially opened in full anticipation during the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger. Over the Spring Festival, postal employees at different outlets serving Winter Olympics stayed at their posts and went all out to guarantee the provision of postal services, thus observing an unforgettable festival with the splendid color of the Winter Olympics.

The temporary post office at the Main Media Center for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, after communicating with the Beijing Organising Committee for the Games for COVID-19 countermeasures, made some boards bearing warm tips for postal service handling process, which not only met the needs of the guests but also effectively prevented epidemics, thereby highly recognized by the Organising Committee. On February 5, the first day when the Winter Olympics themed philatelic products were officially on sale, postal staff arrived at the outlet on time at 7:30. They set up a buffer zone and effectively ensured the order on the service site. Meanwhile, the marketing, cashier and accounting teams worked closely together in the process and guaranteed the service quality at the outlet.

On the second day of the lunar new year, when the National Aquatics Center ushered in the first competition of curling, the temporary post office there was decorated with strings of red lanterns, the Chinese character "Fu" (meaning good fortune) and Spring Festival couplets, creating a rich festive atmosphere with the splendor of Winter Olympics. The outlet flexibly changed its business hours to 18 hours according to the schedule of the competitions, so that the audience can come to the outlet for postal service during recess. On February 4, the temporary post office at the National Aquatics Center sent out thank-you letters from the Beijing Organising Committee to families of over 800 staff members serving in the competition venues.

The temporary post office at Wukesong Arena organized a special lecture on the theme of Postage Stamps and Olympic Winter Games for the 999 medical volunteers. On the one hand, they took this chance to send warm red scarves and extend their Spring Festival greetings to the medical volunteers. On the other hand, they helped the volunteers learn about the history of Olympic movement in China through the stamps. This event was very much appreciated by the volunteers.

The temporary post office at the Capital Indoor Stadium produced individualized stamps entitled “Together for a Shared Future” for over 400 people serving the Olympic Winter Games. They also opened a special channel for the working staff and volunteers in the closed-loop of the venues to order philatelic products online. On February 5, when the Olympic delegation of the People's Republic of China won its first gold medal at the Capital Indoor Stadium, the post office got ready early. They set up areas for selling stamps and first day covers, stamping commemorative postmarks and inquiring about individualized stamps on the site, and their orderly service was highly praised by all.

On February 5, when the National Speed Skating Oval embraced its first day of competition, the temporary post office there particularly opened an hour ahead of schedule to provide postal service specially for the working staff and volunteers who would fulfil their duties in the venue. Besides, the postal employees further optimized their product portfolio at their leisure time based on customers’ preference to the philatelic products, hence improving the service efficiency and customer satisfaction greatly.

The temporary post office at Yanqing Olympic Village decorated the outlet with Chinese knots and other Chinese elements, which enabled the athletes and working staff from different countries who came to post office to feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. This post office also set up a WeChat group for the philatelists, and made videos for their products to facilitate online publicity and promotion. They actively coordinated with the administrative office of the square to boost publicity and promotion, and gaining support of different management teams for ordering, claiming and distributing the products to improve service efficiency.

The temporary post office at the InterContinental Beijing Beichen recorded videos for bestselling philatelic products in advance and proactively provided bilingual service. After experiencing the postal services, Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr, the Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, went especially to the post office to express his appreciation for the quality service they had provided and presented gifts to the postal service team.

During the Spring Festival, the kiosks at Beijing and Yanqing Olympic Villages elaborately prepared over 2000 holiday periodicals and books for the athletes, team officials and working staff of different delegations to help them learn about the Olympic Winter Games, traditional Chinese culture and customs on the Chinese New Year.

Apart from parcel post service, philatelic products and parcel station service, the temporary post office at Zhangjiakou Olympic Village is also equipped with printing machines for personalized postcards and stamps and provides various tailored services for the athletes, team officials and working staff from different countries. The postal employees at the outlet organized English classes after work to improve their spoken English so as to demonstrate the elegance of Chinese culture and the professionalism of postal staff to the guests.

The temporary post office at Zhangjiakou Genting Snow Park is located at the entrance of the park. It is divided into areas of different functions such as postal services, philatelic product display, waiting area, writing area, disinfection area and so on, so as to greatly improve customer satisfaction. Strictly observing the rule of three hours before the competitions and one hour after the competitions, the opening hours of the outlet usually lasts 9-10 hours. With an average age of 23, the 7 staff members at the outlet are passionate about the postal service.

On February 5, stamps commemorating the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games went on sale. The 9 staff members of the temporary post office at the Zhangjiakou Mountain Press Centre strictly obeyed the epidemic prevention regulations. They worked closely together and completed their tasks in the process of selling stamps, collecting money, stamping postmarks and mailing in an orderly manner. With the help of the working staff at the venue, all customers at the post office got the commemorative stamps for the opening ceremony and the first day covers, as well as commemorative postmarks and the date cancellation marks of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games. The post office opened until after the midnight, and the staff members only had one meal at breakfast that day. “We don’t have any language barrier when communicating with the postal employees. They have provided us with the best and most professional service. Many thanks to them.” said a foreign reporter after getting his philatelic products.


A postal worker at the temporary post office at the Beijing Olympic Village is providing postal service for a foreign athlete.


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