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Four charter flight routes for EMS fresh delivery in winter brought to a successful conclusion
Four charter flight routes for EMS fresh delivery in winter brought to a successful conclusion
|China Post News|2022-02-09

At 1:30 a.m. on January 29, China Postal Airlines flight CF9133 fully loaded with strawberries from Dandong arrived at Nanjing Lukou International Airport, marking a successful conclusion of the four chartered air cargo routes of China Postal Airlines for EMS fresh delivery in winter. The Dandong-Nanjing air route has operated 28 flights for 28 days, transporting altogether 168 tons of strawberries from Dandong. Previously on January 25 and 27, the Lanzhou-Nanjing, Xining-Nanjing and Yinchuan-Nanjing charter flight routes, running respectively for 45 days, 39 days and 22 days, had drawn to a close after cumulatively transporting over 1,800 tons of chilled meat.

The four air routes of China Postal Airlines for EMS fresh delivery share one common characteristic: the flights are all fully loaded. The flight on the Dandong-Nanjing route carried 8.683 tons of strawberries daily at most, reaching the maximum capacity of its cargo hold. The most loaded flights on the other three air routes, Lanzhou-Nanjing, Xining-Nanjing and Yinchuan-Nanjing, carried as much as 24.487 tons, 24.174 tons and 28.081 tons respectively, all surpassing last year’s peak load. As Lanzhou and Xining are both plateau airports subject to reduced take-off weight, the above-mentioned peak loads are the permissible maximum loads. Besides, regular flights on the Hohhot-Nanjing and Lanzhou-Nanjing air routes have transported a total of over 2,300 tons of chilled meat in the recent two months. Meanwhile, in order to meet the demand of increasingly growing business volume of Qinghai and Gansu postal branches as a result of their increased marketing efforts, the flights operating the Lanzhou-Nanjing and Xining-Nanjing air routes have been upgraded from Boeing 737 to Boeing 757 from mid-January.

In the operation of the above-mentioned air routes, the ground staff of China Postal Airlines in Hohhot, Lanzhou, Xining, Dandong and Yinchuan have actively communicated and coordinated with the local postal branches and relevant departments of the local airports to ensure the smooth operation of each flight, with the pilots, other crew members and personnel of all links making every effort to support the successful operation. In its effort to provide flight support in winter and serve the parcel, express and logistic business, China Postal Airlines once again stood the dual challenges of freezing weather and sharply increased freight volume, becoming an invincible force which can be counted on to take immediate action and win at critical moments.

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