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Business scale of PSBC open bill payment platform exceeds 100 billion yuan
Business scale of PSBC open bill payment platform exceeds 100 billion yuan
|China Post News|2022-02-17

According to recent statistics, transactions on PSBC’s open bill payment platform surpassed 100 billion yuan (about 15.77 billion US dollars), covering 20,000 clients in 9 categories such as public services, non-tax social security, education, health care, transportation and so on, as well as over 50 sub-categories.

While maintaining the offline channel for bill payment service, PSBC has continued to upgrade and promote its online service. It launched the open bill payment platform in 2019 to provide one-stop convenient service for businesses and institutions with demand for money collection and bill management. With this platform, PSBC has effectively overcome the constraints of time, place and method in handling bill payment services before, and developed its service capacity for industries and enterprises by sharing service terminal, open interface, industrial cloud service and other means.

In the scenario of living payment, PSBC has launched service modes such as the integration of scanning QR codes on bills, topping up and writing cards for the top-up of cards and meters, with which the invoices of payments can be claimed optionally by means of electronic transmission, pick-up at the outlets or express delivery. In the scenario of medical care in hospitals, PSBC has helped achieve fast payment by scanning the special QR codes generated on self-service machines, prescriptions, hospitalization certificates. In education and campus scenario, PSBC has comprehensively developed such business models as payment on enrolment, bill payment, facial recognition payment, smart campus and so on, and launched a comprehensive management platform for tutoring institutions, which has already been rolled out in Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Hunan and other places. In government service scenario, PSBC, focusing on social insurance, medical insurance, court, lottery, maintenance fund and other fields, has leveraged its advantage of online and offline channels to improve the efficiency of customized service, and worked out model solutions to convenience service.

Giving full play to its advantages in technology, projects and platform service, PSBC has built the bill payment service into several smart government service platforms, which can help people enjoy one-stop service of government service project and living payment without further development by local governments. In 2021, when floods hit Henan province, PSBC’s open bill payment platform launched its online donation function iteratively in just three days, providing exclusive service for more than 10 charity institutions, which has then been replicated and promoted in times of disasters and COVID-19 outbreaks in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Tianjin and other places.

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