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China Post selected as a brand representing pillar of the nation
China Post selected as a brand representing pillar of the nation
|China Post News|2022-02-23

On February 21, the second Chinese Brand Strength ceremony organized by China Media Group was broadcast simultaneously on the CCTV Finance Channel and China Media Group Mobile app. At the ceremony, China Post was selected as one of 10 brands representing pillars of the nation. Mr. Liu Aili, Chairman of China Post Group Corporation Limited, attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of China Post. At the event, he interpreted the profound connotation of the brand of China Post with four “one hundred percent”: China Post is one hundred percent implementing its aspiration and mission of “China Post, by the people and for the people”; it is one hundred percent following its principle of “Where there are needs of the country, there is China Post.”; it is one hundred percent facilitating the economic and social development; and it is one hundred percent shouldering the responsibilities as the national team of the industry.

Taking “Chinese Confidence, Brand Strength” as the theme, the second Chinese Brand Strength ceremony comprehensively presented, in three chapters—Faith, Confidence and Trust, the major events and highlights in the development of Chinese economy and Chinese brands, acclaimed the spirit of reform and innovation, motivated the practitioners who have taken new steps to build the new development paradigm, and leveraged the brand strength to inject confidence into China's economy and release the strongest voice of China's economy. Outstanding brands including 10 Pillars of the Nation, 10 Glory of National Brands and several Special Contributions are selected, and among the 10 Pillars of the Nation are China Post, COSCO Shipping (China's shipping giant), FAW (China's leading automaker First Automotive Works), CTG (China Three Gorges Project Corporation), China State Construction (China State Construction Engineering Corporation), China Mobile, CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited), COFCO (COFCO Corporation), Huawei, and China Merchants Group. Being the leading enterprises of their respective industries, these 10 brand corporations are the very foundation on which the country develops and prospers, which demonstrates the level and influence of China’s economy. According to experts, the top 10 Pillars of the Nation have shown China’s strength, pooled China’s intelligence, and boosted the core competitiveness of the nation.

For China Post, winning the top 10 Pillars of the Nation award is an honor and a responsibility. In the future, China Post will continue to push forward the overall upgrading of high-quality development, digitalization, governance system and governance capability, foster its global competitiveness as a pillar of the nation, shoulder more responsibilities, and make greater achievements and contributions to China’s overall growth and people’s better life.

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