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Personalized philatelic products favored by residents of Olympic Villages
Personalized philatelic products favored by residents of Olympic Villages
|China Post News|2022-02-18

The competitions of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games are eye-catching, so are the exquisite personalized stamps and postcards, which are much favored by the athletes of all delegations, the working staff and people serving in the Olympic Village. While sending express items, postcards or buying Winter Olympic philatelic products, they are zealous in personalized philatelic products. By February 16, the temporary post office at Yanqing Olympic Village has produced 850 sets of such products.

Adam ZAMPA, an Alpine skier from Slovakia, was very interested in the on-site production of personalized stamps when he learned it at the temporary post office at Yanqing Olympic Village. He got a picture in his mobile phone and wanted to have it printed onto personalized stamps. He tried in vain because of the poor quality of his picture. Staff members at the post office told him the reason patiently and explained the production requirements. Finally, he took a personal portrait on site and had it printed. When he got the beautifully personalized stamps, he gave the staff members the thumbs up.

It is understood that the personalized stamp producing and printing service is a service with particular stamps as carriers for athletes and service staff members in accordance with relevant production requirements. The stamp sheets include the personalized stamps of emblems for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and personalized tabs. Personalized postcard producing and printing service is to use the self-service printer to make postcards. Photos uploaded by the athletes can be printed on the back of the prepaid postcards, whose layout can be adjusted. Once printed, the postcards can be cherished as souvenirs, or be sent to family or friends as gifts. Every day, the staff members of the post office adjust the design and production process many times until the athletes get their satisfactory personalized philatelic products.

Considering the complex process in checking and editing the photos, the temporary post office of Yanqing Olympic Village has carried out online and offline personalized stamp reservation service, and designated staff members with good communication skills in English to conduct online customer service at any time, so as to facilitate the residents of the Olympic Village to consult and complete the transactions.

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