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CPTL raises over 23 billion yuan for shareholders during 25 years of operation
CPTL raises over 23 billion yuan for shareholders during 25 years of operation
|China Post News|2022-03-22

March 18, Cosmo Posts and Telecommunications International Leasing Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as CPTL) ushered in its 25th anniversary of operation. Having travelled an extraordinary journey, the 25-year-young CPTL is in full bloom. During these 25 years, it has raised more than 23 billion yuan (about 3.61 billion US dollars) of funds for its shareholders.

Being approved at the end of 1996, CPTL was officially in operation on March 18, 1997. Over the past 25 years, CPTL has always adhered to the philosophy of “innovation, robustness, specialization and excellence”. From its first transaction of AT&T communication facilities leasing at the beginning of its operation, CPTL has expanded its scope of business to postal express, transportation, information communication, medical equipment and other fields. With its average annual growth rates of business revenue and net profit respectively surpassing 7% and 8%, and its business indicators such as return on equity and income profit rate among the top of the industry, CPTL has evolved into a stable and distinctive financial leasing company.

Over the past 25 years, CPTL, committed to delivering innovation, has been rooted in the industry of posts and telecommunications, serving the booming postal express business. In 2007, China Post Group increased its capital and became the Chinese leading shareholder of CPTL. In response to the development of air postal network, CPTL, making the most of its capital and equipment advantages as a Sino-Japanese joint venture, innovatively established Cosmos Leasing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Bonded Area, began to provide overseas aircraft leasing service, and introduced 4 Boeing 737-400 aircraft in 2011. This project won the innovation award of China's first SPV large aircraft leasing transaction with foreign debt issued by the Committee of China Air Finance Award Ceremony. At present, CPTL has provided financial leasing services of 12 freighters and engines for China Postal Airlines, making positive contributions to its development.

From communication equipment to electronic devices, from freighters to trunk line transport vehicles, from ATMs at banking outlets to smart lockers in residential communities, from IDCs to top drive equipment in oil drilling, from pharmaceutical products to medical devices and consumables..., faced with increasingly diversified leasing and factoring demands, CPTL and its subsidiaries continually improve their business model, expand their business areas and innovate the content of service, thus keeping pace with the times.

Over the past 25 years, CPTL, sticking to its specialties, has fostered its own advantages and strengthened the strategic synergy with its shareholders. Thanks to its high-quality shareholder base—the 5 major shareholders or the shareholders’ related parent companies all listed among the Fortune Global 500 companies, rooted in the booming posts and telecommunications industry, based on its mature operating experience, and facing the great opportunities of reform and development, CPTL and its subsidiaries have established stable financing channels in the international and domestic markets, raised and integrated funds at home and abroad by flexible and diverse means. They have also established important platforms for exchange and communication among shareholders, helped clients introduce advanced technology and equipment through optimal solutions, and supported the shareholders in the development of upstream and downstream supply chain ecosystem, seeking win-win and common development of all parties while getting strong support from all shareholders. Over 25 years, CPTL has cumulatively raised over 23 billion yuan (about 3.61 billion US dollars) for relevant shareholders.

With unanimous consent of all shareholders, CPTL has recently decided to continue its operation for another 25 years. In the year when the 14th Five Year Plan is carried out across the board and promoted further, the blueprint of CPTL for the next 25 years is also rolling out. CPTL will adhere to excellence-driven, practical and innovative development, provide clients with even higher quality comprehensive service, generate good return on investment for shareholders, build an ideal platform for employees to realize their own value, and deepen cooperation among all parties, so as to jointly promote win-win development and make contributions to the economic development.

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