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Zhengzhou approved to build International Mail Hub Port in China
Zhengzhou approved to build International Mail Hub Port in China
|China Post News|2022-03-25

Recently, Zhengzhou,Henan Province, has been approved to build an important international mail hub port by the General Administration of Customs and the State Post Bureau. So, it has become the 4th city to build key international mail hub port, besides Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

In the official reply of the State Post Bureau, Zhengzhou International Mail Exchange Office (Mail Unit) is approved to add two business functions based on the existing function of distributing outbound international mail. The first is to transfer the temporary Customs transit supervision into permanent one for the mail forwarded from other Exchange Offices to Zhengzhou Exchange Office. Mail and mailbags that have already been inspected by Customs can be sent to overseas posts after being collected in Zhengzhou Exchange Office, so as to improve outbound mail service. The second is to implement inbound mail distributions. Mail bags and items under dispatches forwarded to Zhengzhou from abroad will be inspected by the customs stationed in Zhengzhou Exchange Office then distributed to corresponding provinces, which will accelerate turnaround time of the inbound mail.

In the recent years, under the Henan’s economic construction around the hub and port, international mail service of Zhengzhou, as a postal port, has developed rapidly. In 2021, with 348 mail charter flights to and from Korea, Japan, Europe and America, the inbound and outbound international mail throughput in Zhengzhou postal port exceeded 34,000 tons. The approval to Zhengzhou’s building an important national hub port for international mail service is of great significance to improve the international influence of Zhengzhou and the opening-up of Henan.

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