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Inner Mongolia Postal Branch launches new "robot" reimbursement system
Inner Mongolia Postal Branch launches new "robot" reimbursement system
|China Post News|2022-04-19

"Since the new system was in operation, the pressure of monthly reimbursement has been greatly reduced. This digital and intelligent system is really awesome!" Cao Shujun, a reimbursement clerk in the Finance Department of Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol Postal Branch, spoke out the mind of many financial personnel in Inner Mongolia Postal Branch. Recently, the new "robot" reimbursement system has begun operation in postal branches in leagues (cities) of Inner Mongolia, replacing the cumbersome manual reimbursement system, and achieving noticeable improvements.

To alleviate the pressure caused by expense reporting of all postal branches in leagues (cities) to Inner Mongolia Postal Branch in hordes in mid-to-late period of each month, and to meet the needs of financial management, the Information Technology Center of Inner Mongolia Postal Branch has successfully developed an automated reimbursement software, with which the previous cumbersome and repeated manual reimbursement is replaced by intelligent "robot" operation. With the help of the "robot" software, financial personnel can be relieved of reading Excel sheets line by line, querying in the reimbursement system, checking funds and other manual operations. All they need to do is select the directory of a large number of Excel files to be processed before starting the software, and click the "start" button to begin operation. The "robot" then automatically reads each line of the reimbursement data in the Excel spreadsheets according to the instructions of the system, and completes the reimbursement process automatically. The new "robot" reimbursement system has been well received since its operation in postal branches in all leagues (cities) of Inner Mongolia. It speeds up the financial reimbursement in the mid-to-late period of each month, alleviates the work pressure of reimbursement personnel, and is well recognized by financial supervision departments at all levels as well.

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