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More Than Mail—China Post’s new brand positioning system launched
More Than Mail—China Post’s new brand positioning system launched
|China Post|2022-05-10

On May 10, 2022, China Brand Day celebrated its 6th anniversary. To project a diverse, youthful and modern brand image, China Post launched a new brand positioning system on this day, repositioning the brand of China Post as “a better life carrier”, conveying its philosophy of "delivering trust", and announcing its slogan of "More Than Mail”.

As a large centrally administered state-owned enterprise with century-long history, China Post Group Corporation Limited (China Post) engages in diversified operations, with universal postal service, express and logistics business, financial business and rural e-commerce as its principal services. It ranked 74th on the Fortune Global 500 list, with its profits ranking 1st among postal operators worldwide.

China Post’s brand positioning: a better life carrier

Keeping pace with the times, China Post has renewed and reshaped its brand positioning system in accordance with its development needs in the new era. Shouldering its role as a "carrier" for people’s better life, China Post aims to recast itself an even more caring and warmer brand image. With its nationwide postal network and outlets, it is connecting the country and the people, the urban and rural areas. With its diversified products and services including universal postal service, parcel, express and logistics business, financial service and e-commerce service, it has formed the brand synergy of "One China Post". With its new postal development pattern of "six dimensional symbiosis" featuring inclusiveness, platforms, digitalization, green, dynamic and harmony, it is helping build the bridge leading the public, businesses and community to a better life.

China Post’s brand philosophy: delivering trust

Living up to the trust of the nation, China Post is making an all-out effort to serve the national strategies, and conscientiously fulfilling universal postal service, so as to make the country even more prosperous, beautiful and harmonious.

Living up to the trust of businesses, China Post will continue to give full play to its “four in one” advantages of integrating the flow of business, goods, capital and information, assist in better development of businesses and promote local economic and social development with its ubiquitous postal strength.

Living up to the trust of the people, China Post always stays true to the tenet of "China Post, by the people, for the people”, and upholds the service philosophy of delivering convenience and benefits to people. It has been innovating and diversifying products to better serve people’s aspirations for a better life.

China Post’s brand slogan: More Than Mail

With its root struck deep in the postal industry for many years, China Post provides heart-warming universal postal service, secure parcel, express and logistics services, integrated inclusive financial ecosystem, and rural e-commerce service that connects urban and rural areas. Besides, it will continuously enhance the connectivity value of its own business, and maintain closer ties to the people via its excellent products and considerate services, thus delivering warmth and better lives to the connected world.

China Post’s advantages and capacities

With 54,000 universal postal service outlets across the country, 40,000 of which are in rural areas, China Post is the only centrally administered state-owned enterprise whose outlets cover all townships in China, and also the only enterprise with post offices established in all townships and direct postal services reaching all administrative villages nationwide. With 33 cargo aircraft, 112,000 postal vehicles of all kinds, as well as the network and channel advantages of 174 ports worldwide under the UPU cooperation framework, China Post boasts an efficient express service network that integrates land and air routes, covers the whole country and reaches the entire world. It is making every effort to forge its role as a comprehensive express and logistics service provider, and striving to become the competent "national team" in the postal industry. As one of the six large state-owned commercial banks in China, the Postal Savings Bank of China possesses nearly 40,000 business outlets and is the top-tier pilot bank for digital currency. With its comprehensive competitiveness ranking 8th in the insurance industry in 2021, China Post Life Insurance Co. Ltd. introduced American International Assurance as the strategic investor the same year and acquired an investment of 12.03 billion yuan (about 1.79 billion US dollars). With its service network covering all administrative villages across the country, China Post has become the rural e-commerce offline channel with the widest coverage and the largest number of outlets. It has established 420,000 ULE stations nationwide, forged the brand “China Post Farm Produces", and developed a two-way channel that facilitates the transport of manufactured products to rural areas and agricultural products to the cities.

In the milestone period of development, China Post will keep in mind its original aspirations and missions of "China Post, by the people, for the people", and deliver better lives to the connected world with its ubiquitous network.







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