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Ningbo-Osaka international airmail route successfully opened
Ningbo-Osaka international airmail route successfully opened
|China Post News|2022-05-19

At 16:39 on May 6, flight No. GI4115 of China Central Longhao Airlines Co. Ltd., loaded with 11.2 tons of international mail items, landed safely at Osaka International Airport, Japan. This is the maiden flight on the Ningbo-Osaka international airmail route. This new designated route will give support for transport capacity and timeliness of the mail which is collected from Ningbo and other areas in Zhejiang province and forwarded to Japan.

Ningbo-Osaka airmail route mainly transports international EMS and cross-border e-commerce mail items from such cities as Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yiwu and Wenzhou, operating three flights every week. The 11.2 tons of mail transported on May 6 was received by Japan Post at 19:00 the same day and was expected to be delivered to the recipients within two days. Before the opening of this route, air mail from Ningbo to Japan had to be transited from Hangzhou, Shanghai and other ports, and the average time from the collection of the items to their departure from China was about 6 days. Now with mail exiting directly from Ningbo port, the average time is reduced to 3 to 4 days.

Ningbo Postal Branch has previously opened Ningbo-Los Angeles airmail route as well as Ningbo-Brazil, Ningbo-Japan and other maritime mail routes. To ensure the success of the maiden flight on Ningbo-Osaka international airmail route, Ningbo Postal Branch cooperated with the Customs, airport, border inspection and other relevant authorities in Ningbo, and made preparations in advance from aspects like flight planning, security and epidemic prevention and control.

In the next stage, Ningbo Postal Branch plans to open designated maritime mail route to the United States, comprehensively optimize the cross-border e-commerce service system, and facilitate Ningbo to build its national production- and service-oriented logistics hub, thereby further strengthening its own capabilities to serve high-standard opening-up of Zhejiang province and even the whole country.

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