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Special stamps featuring Dongting Lake to issue tomorrow
Special stamps featuring Dongting Lake to issue tomorrow
|China Post News|2022-05-27

China Post is to issue special stamps entitled Dongting Lake on May 28. 

The stamps consist of 4 pieces in one set and one souvenir sheet. The set of stamps include four designs featuring respectively the beauty of the emerald Junshan Island, birds soaring over the wetlands around the Lingyun Pagoda, the ancient rice paddies at the Chengtoushan ruins and the magnificence of the Dongting Lake’s entrance into the Yangtze River. The souvenir sheet depicts the wide-angle picture of the Dongting Lake with the Yueyang Tower, the vast water and green trees that underscore the heritage and natural beauty of the lake area.

This set of stamps are designed by Xu Li, vice president of the China Artists Association, with oil painting techniques to show the representative landscapes of the Dongting Lake. The stamps are printed by Beijing Stamp Printing House Company Limited. The offset printing technology makes the overall colors saturated and bright, and the colorless white fluorescent ink makes the lake water appear clearer and more glamorous under ultraviolet light. The souvenir sheet is printed with photogravure technology, which helps enrich the layering of the design and make the colors even brighter. While the pearlescent blue spot-color printing not only enhances its sense of reality, but also conduces to the anti-counterfeit efforts. The colorless fluorescent ink further contributes to the vivid presentation of the elegant lake and architecture.

To present more information about the stamps, China Post has produced special promotional videos, which integrate the stamp images with real-world scenery to underline vastness of the Dongting Lake and its rich cultural heritage, and demonstrate the highlights of the theme, design, and printing technology of the stamps. Viewers can watch the videos via the AR function of the WeChat mini program “Encyclopedia of China Philately and Stamps”.






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