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Nanjing Postal Branch helps boost domestic goods export
Nanjing Postal Branch helps boost domestic goods export
|China Post News|2022-05-27

In view of the shipping demands of international mail service, Nanjing Postal Branch has worked out an emergency export solution for local cross-border e-commerce enterprises. With its one-stop overseas warehousing service, Nanjing Postal Branch has expanded its new shipping mode by switching to alternative ports and channels to unblock the supply chain for foreign trade and boost the export of domestic goods.

Adopting the service solution of “business migration and detailed support”, the overseas warehousing project team of Nanjing Postal Branch offers the cross-border e-commerce enterprises professional and precise explanation for the overall service, especially the shipping process, ranging from the order management system (OMS) introduction, stock keeping unit (SKU) uploading, godown entry generation, shipping marks printing to product packaging, labeling and shipping, and therefore enables them to fully understand the superiority of China Postal Warehousing Service (hereinafter referred to as CPWS) in its "space for time" solution. Through the one-stop service of front-end marketing, mid-end operations and back-end customer service, they have succeeded in helping customers with the whole process from shipping the goods till putting them on shelves.

According to Jiang Hua, deputy manager of the International Business Company of Nanjing Postal Branch, the 12 overseas warehouses of CPWS are distributed in 10 different countries around the world. They offer a rent-free period of 60 days at the most (up to 90 days during the promotional campaign in the second quarter), flexible last-mile delivery channels, and round-the-clock butler-style customer service. Taking these advantages, cross-border e-commerce enterprises can enjoy the benefit of batch shipment and stocking up on their commodities in overseas warehouses to avoid all kinds of unexpected risks especially in times of COVID-19.

Recently, many cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, have set up their own overseas warehouses with the assistance of the postal enterprise. This can avoid the situation where products are unable to enter the end market if the logistics in the port of the destination country is shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19. By moving inventory forward, the distance between the location of the goods and the target market is shortened, logistics costs therefore decreased, and shipping and delivery time reduced for domestic goods to reach overseas consumers. Moreover, many enterprises have changed the exit port timely through Nanjing Postal Branch. They adjusted the route of the Europe-bound mail which used to be exported via Shanghai to Zhengzhou, transported the items to Zhengzhou by truck, and then dispatched them to Europe through postal airmail route, thereby the export problems were solved.

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