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China Post Insurance launches exclusive accident insurance for couriers
China Post Insurance launches exclusive accident insurance for couriers
|China Post News|2022-05-24

On May 20, China Post Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post Insurance) held an online product launch, rolling out an exclusive accident insurance product targeted for couriers. China Express Association, China life Reinsurance Company Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Re Life) and other institutions were invited to the product launch and discussed how to protect the rights and interests of the couriers as a group.

As a life insurance company under China Post Group Corporation Limited—the "national team" in the postal industry, China Post Insurance, with the guidance and support of China Express Association, Insurance Association of China, China Reinsurance Group and other relevant institutions, conducted research and analysis on the courier group in such aspects as working conditions, means of transportation, demographic and geographic distribution, family members, and existing insurance coverage. Aiming at couriers and other employees who work in the new industries and new business forms, China Post Insurance particularly launched the exclusive accident insurance product in order to provide a comprehensive insurance solution for couriers and other new urban residents, thus effectively solving their problems like insufficient insurance coverage.

Feng Xuezhu, from the business development department of China Re Life, said, "As a co-developer of the exclusive accident insurance product, China Re Life has taken into consideration the trend of accident insurance and the particularity of the express industry, focused on the professional characteristics, risk status, insurance demands of the couriers, and paid much attention to various risks they may face in their working environment, to promote the product research and development”.

This insurance product boasts a low premium, which costs only 0.7 yuan per day to cover accident, medical care, allowance and other insurance liabilities for a year, with extended coverage of death and disability liabilities from COVID-19. At the same time, in view of the working schedule of the express industry, China Post Insurance provides additional protection during the six peak periods: the New Year, the Spring Festival, June 18, September 19, November 11 and December 12. Couriers and employees engaging in delivery service can all get themselves insured online via the WeChat public account "My China Post Insurance".

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