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China Post to speed up service on 1,591 key postal routes
China Post to speed up service on 1,591 key postal routes
|China Post News|2022-06-08

On June 8, China Post announced that it would leverage competitive resources concerning time limit, service and costs, and focus on key clients, major areas and routes to speed up parcel, express and logistics service on 1,591 postal routes.

This is the second speed-up China Post has made after the one on June 28, 2021. Since the speed-up last year, China Post has optimized more than 400 existing postal routes and added over 300 routes to rural areas, which has covered more than 2,000 counties and had inter-city parcel, express and logistics business accelerated among over 1,000 cities. As a result, customers in major cities across China can now enjoy next-day or even next-morning delivery, while more than 60% of EMS items are delivered next morning.

According to the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of China Post Group, the "June 8" speed-up this year features precision, major issue orientation and coordination between postal network and business operation. It covers 1,591 routes in total, including 148 routes for 97 key corporate clients of China Post Group, 341 routes in the three major regional markets of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim, and 1,102 direct routes deduced through direct modeling. Besides, China Post has set the speed-up targets by benchmarking against the advanced time limit standard of the industry. After checking each of the above-mentioned routes, China Post has locked 437 less advantaged routes in terms of time limit, and formulated concrete plans for precise speed-up.

On June 8, China Post launched the initiative of speeding up the first 437 routes. When completed, 186 routes are expected to have their time limit shortened by 0.5 days, 162 routes by 1 day, and 89 routes by more than 1 day. When the targets are achieved, the time limit of these 437 routes will reach the advanced level in the industry.

The "June 8" initiative is the beginning of the long-term and normalized precise speed-up of China Post's parcel, express and logistics business, according to the relevant business unit of China Post Group.

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