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Hunan Logistics Company opens new international route
Hunan Logistics Company opens new international route
|China Post News|2022-06-10

At 16:00 on May 29, a China-Europe container freight train, fully loaded with general merchandise, home appliances, shoes, clothing and other commodities, departed from the Yingtan International Land Port in Jiangxi Province and headed for Volsino Railway Station in Moscow, Russia, thousands of miles away. The debut "Yingtan-Volsino" China-Europe freight train carrying 45 containers, the goods in which were all organized by China Post Group Hunan Logistics Company, is expected to arrive at Volsino Railway Station in Moscow in 15 days. The successful operation of this freight train marks that Yingtan as a hub city will witness accelerated development once again and enter into a brand-new "era of land port".

Located in Guixi, Yingtan, an area connecting the economic belts of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, Yingtan International Land Port is relying on its local industrial resources as the "Copper Capital of Asia", thanks to its abundant copper resources and copper-related industries, and its advantage as a domestic railway hub, to establish a comprehensive land port system including a bonded functional area and a land port functional area and featuring multimodal transport plus the comprehensive bonded zone.

The launch of the China-Europe freight train from Yingtan International Land Port has provided stable international supply chain service for the local enterprises, added a new international channel to Yingtan, the transportation hub, and secured fundamental support in facilitating the "domestic circulation" and fostering the "dual circulation".

It is reported that in 2018, with the support of the Yingtan Municipal Government, China Post Group Hunan Logistics Company launched the first China-Europe freight train from Yingtan. Over the past five years, the company, based on Yingtan, has established an operational support system for China-Europe freight trains with business radiating across China, and has shipped more than 8,000 containers for its customers via China-Europe freight trains every year.

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