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Major theme publicity campaign "Looking into China along Postal Routes" kicks off
Major theme publicity campaign "Looking into China along Postal Routes" kicks off
|China Post News|2022-06-16

On June 15, China Post Group Corporation Limited (China Post Group) officially launched the major theme publicity campaign "Looking into China along Postal Routes". Focusing on exploring along the postal routes the six themes such as "Red Roots", "Great Beauty of China", "Rural Revitalization", "Clean Waters and Green Mountains", "Cultural Confidence" and "Ethnic Solidarity", this campaign will demonstrate the vivid examples and notable progress made by China Post, as a main force pioneering China's modernization, in serving the overall reform and development of the Party and the country and continuously meeting people's demand for better postal service.

The "Looking into China along Postal Routes" campaign will last until the end of December. Through deep involvement of national dominant media, whole-process interaction of mainstream new media platforms, and full support of China Post’s self-owned media, it will give a panoramic view of the economic progress and the improvement of people's living standards along the postal routes,  present the heritage, persistence, dedication, reform and development achievements of China Post, and manifest the vigorous and relentless spirit of the postal staff. During the campaign, China Post Group will invite mainstream state and social media, industrial media, local media, well-known social media influencers to generate media coverage by journalizing what they see, hear and experience. At the same time, China Post plans to carry out in-depth content cooperation with major media platforms based on their characteristics and advantages. For example, they will foster content publicity bases, conduct in-depth research and report, launch special series of " the Most Beautiful Postal Routes" and theme activities of "Postal Routes for the People", and release original short videos concerned. Relevant content will also be disseminated via the new media matrix of the postal system to create a stronger momentum and wider influence.

To coordinate this campaign, China Post Group also designed a theme cartoon image – Lv Youyou, a Panda messenger, as the chief experience officer of the campaign. Dressed in a T-shirt with Chinese characters meaning "Looking into China along Postal Routes" and carrying China Post’s messenger bag, this personified panda will experience the beautiful landscape of the motherland and witness people’s happy life along the postal routes.

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