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China Postal Airlines “Nanjing-Osaka” route resumes operation
China Postal Airlines “Nanjing-Osaka” route resumes operation
|China Post News|2022-06-24

On June 21, the "Nanjing-Osaka" international air route operated by China Postal Airlines was restored. Operating three flights a week, the resumption of this route will help stabilize the time limit of mail and cargo dispatched from Jiangsu to Osaka, Japan, and further enhance China Post's capabilities to serve the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

In July, 2021, Nanjing Lukou International Airport suspended all international passenger and cargo flights due to the outbreak of COVID-19. China Postal Airlines Co. Ltd. paid close attention to the resumption of international flights at Lukou International Airport, proactively communicated with the joint epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the Lukou International Airport area in Nanjing and the special task force supporting international flights, formulated and improved the guarantee procedures and epidemic prevention and control scheme of the "Nanjing-Osaka" international air route, selected highly-skilled crew members and ground support personnel, and asked them to attend the training and test of epidemic prevention and control for personnel in high-risk positions. Meanwhile, China Postal Airlines proactively coordinated with local government, Eastern Airports, Jiangsu Safety Supervision Bureau of CAAC East China Regional Administration and other authorities, and guided its Nanjing branch through the resumption of its international flights. In the end, after the acceptance check, the local government and supervision authorities of the industry approved of China Postal Airlines restoring the "Nanjing-Osaka" international air route.

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