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Bridge between IT and business
Bridge between IT and business
|China Post News|2022-06-29

“The BA team has saved us a lot of trouble since it was established in the project team of the new generation mobile banking. They’ve made communication smoother, and digital transformation advancing more efficiently, they have also shared a lot of our work. That’s really worth celebrating!” Remarks as such, uttered by several product managers from different business departments, are recognition for and even encouragement to the BA team of the new generation mobile banking of Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) especially against the backdrop of the epidemic prevention and control. 

BA stands for Business Analyst. As an emerging job, the position of BA only exists in top 500 companies rather than all businesses. In recent years, as the occupational segmentation and the IT industry become more and more mature, its importance and demand have greatly increased. At the same time, companies define and require the position of BA differently. BAs are more like consultants in some companies, or market analysts (for operations), or even product managers (for demand analysis and demand management) in other companies. In PSBC, BAs are more like product managers. The BA team is first established in the project team of the new generation mobile banking in PSBC, which not only demonstrates PSBC’s attitude towards pushing forward digital transformation and embracing mobile finance, but also is a proof of the rapid development of PSBC’s IT strength and the further refined roles and responsibilities.

This BA team currently has 13 members, each responsible for the demand analysis of one of the sections in mobile banking, including basic functions, investment and wealth management, account service, insurance service, credit card, loan service, consumer service, and digital RMB. With the elaborate planning and promotion of the project management team, the BA team worked closely with the front-end and back-end developers, UI designers, and testers during the epidemic. Altogether, they connected with more than 80 business personnel from 16 functional departments of the head office, analyzed 1047 function points, launched 615 of them, and designed and developed over 5,500 webpages.

As the “Arrowhead Project” of PSBC, the new generation mobile banking will be the most important channel for serving customers in the future. Presently, it is on trial run internally, and its gated launch is just around the corner. As a bridgehead, the BA team is on the fast track to building a bridge between IT and business, making IT and business enhance each other.

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