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Postal enterprises courier success messages to NCEE examinees
Postal enterprises courier success messages to NCEE examinees
|China Post News|2022-07-08




On July 7, the first admission letter of the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) for 2022 in Beijing was sent out by Beijing Language and Culture University, and Beijing Postal Branch wasted no time couriering it to the recipient Tian Dongsen, a student in Beijing No. 80 High School. This marks the official launch of college enrollment in Beijing, it also means that Beijing Postal Branch kicks off the delivery of admission letters. After that, more and more admission letters will be sent to the examinees by EMS through postal network, bringing joy of success to thousands of families at the same time.

To facilitate the delivery of this year’s admission letters, postal enterprises have formulated detailed work plans in advance and opened green passages in all links. They handle admission letters separately and with priority throughout the whole process. In the make-up procedure, they apply special envelopes, dedicated neck labels and other special marks, and have video surveillance monitor the whole procedure. Moreover, postal enterprises treat all the admission letters as mail with special security requirements, and provide proactive customer service to track the mail status in real time and give timely feedback to colleges, so as to ensure the security and timeliness of the mail.

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