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"Harbin-Heihe-Yekaterinburg" land route officially opened
"Harbin-Heihe-Yekaterinburg" land route officially opened
|China Post News|2022-07-19

On July 12, a postal truck with full load of mail items destined for Russia drove slowly across the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk cross-border highway bridge and headed for Kanikurgan, a highway port in Russia. This marks the normal operation of the "Harbin-Heihe-Yekaterinburg" international land mail route, the second one opened from Heilongjiang Province to Russia following the “Harbin-Suifenhe-Yekaterinburg” route.

Heilongjiang Postal Branch has conducted two tests successively on container transportation from Harbin to Yekaterinburg via Heihe Port. According to the results, everything has worked well in the whole process, all links have coordinated closely and the time limit has been stable. After the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk cross-border highway bridge was opened to traffic on June 10, Heilongjiang Postal Branch actively communicated and coordinated with Harbin Customs District, sorted out the entire transportation process, and made preparations for the normal operation of the "Harbin-Heihe-Yekaterinburg" land route.

It is reported that the transportation time along the whole route takes about 10 days. With this route, cross-border e-commerce light and small packages under 3 kg and large ones under 20 kg can be carried. In the future, bulk cargoes are expected to be carried too. Moreover, this route will complement the "Harbin-Suifenhe-Yekaterinburg" one. Together, the two routes can transport a maximum of 100 tons of mail per week, which will greatly improve the capacity and time limit of Heilongjiang's land transportation channels to Russia and give full play to the advantages of Heilongjiang's ports to Russia, thus providing high-quality service guarantee for enterprises engaging in cross-border trade with Russia and supporting the leapfrog development of Heilongjiang's trade with Russia.

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