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Special stamp China National Archives of Publications and Culture issued
Special stamp China National Archives of Publications and Culture issued
|China Post News|2022-08-01



On July 30, special stamp China National Archives of Publications and Culture (hereinafter referred to as CNAPC) was issued. This set of stamp consists of 1 piece, the denomination of which is 1.2 yuan, and the planned circulation is 7.9 million sets.

The stamp image is axisymmetric. It takes Wenhan Pavilion—the core building of CNAPC Beijing headquarters as the main body, and turquoise landscape painting as visual elements, which gives the image the charm of traditional Chinese paintings, and fully demonstrates the profound cultural inheritance of CNAPC, thus typifying traditional aesthetics. The gutter strips in the middle of the stamp sheet show the Wenji Pavilion of Xi'an Branch, Wenrun Pavilion of Hangzhou Branch and Wenqin Pavilion of Guangzhou Branch, which reflects its overall layout of "one headquarters and three branches".

From the perspective of national strategic resources, CNAPC coordinates and promotes the collection, utilization, inheritance and development of Chinese bibliology resources, which is of great significance for further promoting the building of China into a socialist country with great cultural strength. CNAPC comprises one headquarters and three branches, with the headquarters in Beijing and three branches in Xi'an, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, respectively. Together, these archives serve as a general database of national bibliology resources and the Chinese culture seed gene bank. With bibliology resources at all times and across the world that bear the imprint of Chinese civilization as collections, CNAPC is a comprehensive venue integrating functions of libraries, museums, archives, art galleries and so on.

This set of stamp is designed by Shi Yuan and printed by Beijing Stamp Printing House Company Limited with photogravure technology. It is sold at the designated postal outlets nationwide, online mall of China Philately (https://jiyou.11185.cn), the mobile app of China Post, the WeChat Mall for philatelic products in the official WeChat account and the WeChat mini program of China Post Group. In order to present more information about the stamp, China Post will release its digital contents through the WeChat mini program “Encyclopedia of China Philately and Stamps”, where philatelists can learn more about the stamp via its AR function.

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