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PSBC releases research report on low-carbon transition paths for commercial banks
PSBC releases research report on low-carbon transition paths for commercial banks
|China Post News|2022-08-16

The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC), the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences Climate Investment and Finance Association (CIFA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) jointly held an online report release and seminar on climate-friendly transition of commercial banks under the goal of carbon neutrality, where PSBC’s Green Finance Research Group released a report entitled "Research on Low-carbon Transition Paths for Commercial Banks under the Goal of Carbon Neutrality", one of the research reports from a CIFA-led project.

This report is another major achievement PSBC has made in the field of green finance, following the publication of a book entitled Research on Climate Financing of Commercial Banks in January 2022. The report has analyzed the conceptual connotation and theoretical basis of carbon neutral banking, summarized the experience of PSBC and other banks at home and abroad in exploring low-carbon transition and going carbon neutral, and put forward suggestions on low-carbon transition paths for commercial banks in China.

In recent years, PSBC has been continuously improving its professional competence. It has made great efforts to develop sustainable and green finance from corporate governance, policies and systems, resource allocation, product innovation and other aspects, and made full use of internal and external platforms to carry out research on green finance. For many consecutive years, PSBC has been selected as Advanced Organization for Green Bank Evaluation by China Banking Association. Its project "Green Credit Services Based on Big Data Technology" has been listed as a pilot project of the comprehensive application of financial data of the People's Bank of China. PSBC has also won many international awards in green finance from organizations such as Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), International Finance Forum (IFF), Institutional Investor and Global Finance.

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