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PSBC launches financial market electronic trading system
PSBC launches financial market electronic trading system
|China Post News|2022-08-10

Recently, the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) has launched its Financial Market Electronic Trading System (FMETS) and received quotations from China Foreign Exchange Trade System. A trader from PSBC Financial Market Department placed orders and completed the first bond transaction through the system. The operation of the system helps improve PSBC's capabilities in investment transaction, market service and risk management, and marks a further step of PSBC towards intelligent financial market services.

With the digitization of the banking sector, China’s inter-bank financial market is going through profound technological changes. PSBC has committed specialized force to the development of FMETS and strived to build it into a first-class comprehensive intelligent trading system in the industry. The business varieties launched on the system this time cover all kinds of services related to home currency trading book in the inter-bank market, with the main functions consisting of ten modules such as risk management, transaction execution, strategy trading, and profit and loss measurement, etc.

PSBC’s FMETS features whole-process risk management, efficient and accurate curve pricing, fragmented position analysis, flexible and diverse strategy portfolio trading, and industry-leading technical architecture.

The operation of FMETS has further enhanced PSBC's ability to serve the market and deliver value. In the future, with the help of advanced technological tactics and quantization algorithm, PSBC will continue to fulfill its duties as a major state-owned bank, precisely facilitate inter-bank market liquidity and support the development of the real economy.

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