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Liaoning-Australia maritime mail route opened
Liaoning-Australia maritime mail route opened
|China Post News|2022-08-24

Recently, the maritime mail route between Liaoning and Australia has opened, with which mail items from Liaoning can be shipped directly to Australia, reducing domestic transit time by 3-5 days. At the same time, relying on the international mail and express control center, Liaoning Postal Branch provides customers with options for customs declaration modes and container pickup frequency, thus effectively improving customer experience.

Since the beginning of this year, Liaoning Postal Branch has made all possible efforts to keep international mail routes smooth and help foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Liaoning secure orders and markets. In order to realize the direct shipping of mail to Australia by sea, Liaoning Postal Branch studied and formulated shipping plans, deployed mail processing force, and carefully sorted out the mail transportation process. Taking ensuring the smooth operation of international mail routes as a major measure to promote the steady and high-quality growth in foreign trade, Shenyang Customs District actively responded to the needs of postal enterprises, gave special support to the opening of the maritime mail route between Liaoning and Australia, rapidly formulated rules for control and operational guidelines for customs transit, and made it clear that the containers should be sealed at the Customs office of departure to save the trouble of the unloading and reloading operation at the wharfs. Dalian Customs District and the port authorities cooperated to open a green channel and a temporary postal route connection site, and directly release the mail with unaltered seals, to guarantee zero delay in inspecting the seals and achieve rapid inspection and release while ensuring effective supervision over international mail items.

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