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China Post Group launches new customs brokerage system for inbound mail
China Post Group launches new customs brokerage system for inbound mail
|China Post News|2022-08-26

On August 19, China Post Group officially launched its new customs brokerage system for inbound mail in Tianjin. Thus, Tianjin Postal Branch becomes the first provincial-level postal branch in China to run this system. The operation of this system also marks that the duty information networking project for inbound mail jointly promoted by the State Post Bureau and the General Administration of Customs has been implemented in Tianjin.

As is introduced, the system boasts such functions as interconnection of duty payment information between the Customs and postal enterprises and intelligent reconciliation and settlement of duties. It has enabled networking between the Customs and the postal system, changed the previous operation modes of manual reconciliation, summary and offline payment for customs duties of inbound mail, and fully met the needs for electronic reconciliation of both the Customs and the postal service, automated duty settlement, and online payment by customers. At present, customers can complete duty payment via the WeChat mini program "Customs Brokerage for International EMS Items" or the "China Customs" app. The system issues release instructions 24 hours a day unremittingly according to the duty information submitted by customers, so that duties are payable on the same day when the international mail arrives in Tianjin. Upon receiving the messages, Tianjin Postal Branch immediately starts delivering the mail. Since the system was launched, the processing time of international mail arriving in Tianjin has, in general, been shortened by more than 50%, customer experience having been further improved.

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