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China Post rushes anti-epidemic supplies to Ngari, Tibet
China Post rushes anti-epidemic supplies to Ngari, Tibet
|China Post News|2022-08-23

At 4:29 am on August 20, China Postal Airlines flight CF9127 took off from Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport and arrived at Ngari Gunsa Airport (a high plateau airport) at 8:57 am. The flight was loaded with 17.5 tons of emergency medical supplies, including nucleic acid detection instruments, masks, protective suits and so on, which the Hebei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (hereinafter referred to as the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee) and the People’s Government of Hebei Province (hereinafter referred to as Hebei Provincial Government) provided as emergency assistance for the needy Ngari prefecture in Tibet to fight against the epidemic. This is the first dedicated flight operated by China Postal Airlines to transport anti-epidemic materials to Tibet since the outbreak of the epidemic there, aiming to help Tibet win the anti-epidemic battle at an early date.

As the province to provide paired assistance to Ngari prefecture, the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee and Hebei Provincial Government were highly concerned about the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet. They instructed relevant departments to work closely together, raise funds, and purchase anti-epidemic supplies immediately so as to rush them to Ngari prefecture as soon as possible.

After being entrusted with the task of transporting the supplies to Tibet, Hebei Postal Branch arranged for vehicles and loaded them up overnight on August 16. On the early morning of August 17, mail trucks carrying more than 1100 boxes of protective suits set off from Shijiazhuang for Xining, where the supplies were finally transferred to Ngari prefecture via Lhasa.

After receiving the task of airlifting medical supplies to Ngari, China Postal Airlines immediately implemented the work requirements of the Leading Party Members’ Group of China Post Group and the Party Committee of the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit. Under the guidance of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, it swiftly formulated transport support plans in accordance with the requirements of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee and Hebei Provincial Government. Relevant departments of China Postal Airlines immediately activated their contingency mechanisms and quickly pooled strengths. They coordinated resources in an all-round way, and deployed the flight, maintenance and ground handling forces for the operation of this high-plateau airline. For the first time, the flight department dispatched a flight crew of three B757 captains. The maintenance department thoroughly inspected the aircraft for the flight in the high plateau area, contacted Ngari Gunsa Airport for support service and sent two maintenance personnel onboard. The ground service department assigned members to the flight to unload the medical supplies at Ngari Gunsa Airport.

Meanwhile, China Postal Airlines worked together with Hebei Airport Management Holding Co. Ltd., actively communicated with relevant departments of Hebei Province, made plans in advance, and formulated a detailed guarantee plan and a sound workflow. They decided on palletizing patterns based on the number and volume of the goods, allocated brand new pallets and net covers, coordinated unit load devices, and had competent staff members and vehicles in place ahead of time to ensure a smooth loading process. To handle such special supplies as nucleic acid detection instruments, the two companies deployed personnel in advance and arranged for designated staff members to ensure the successful loading of the supplies.

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