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September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival becomes China Post’s resounding brand in supporting rural revitalization
September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival becomes China Post’s resounding brand in supporting rural revitalization
|China Post News|2022-10-08

This year marks the sixth "September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival" held by China Post. During the Festival, China Post highlighted the theme “September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival—happy shopping in the harvest season” and launched 10 major activities like “10,000-Order Plan” for rural revitalization, “Top 100 Brands” for special promotion and “10,000 Shopping Groups” for community group buying. In this way, it aimed to generate profits and increase income for farmers and boost high-quality consumption in rural areas and prosperity of agriculture, thereby developing a new rural ecommerce ecosystem of China Post and injecting new momentum into rural revitalization.

Since the official kick-off of “September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival" on September 1, postal enterprises around the country have taken advantage of their channels, pooled the flow of commodity, logistics, capital and information, and fostered a multi-scenario promotion mode with the help of online platforms such as ULE Stores, China Post Vehicle Affairs and Postal Life and offline events at postal outlets and ULE stations such as customer salons, product briefings, fairs, etc.

September 19 this year saw the largest number of hits and a flow of news of success, when 12 key indicators all hit new highs, including the GMV (gross merchandise value) and UVs (unique visitors) of the platforms, number of buyers and orders, retail turnover, online agricultural product turnover, turnovers on ULE Fresh and ULE Stores apps, online wholesale turnover, online wholesale turnovers of hot-selling products and hot-sellers with over 100 million yuan worth of orders, and number of stations with wholesale orders. Among them, the GMV exceeded 240 million yuan (about 33.72 million US dollars), and the number of UVs surpassed 8.22 million.

To foster a bumper and prosperous ecommerce festival, postal enterprises across the country have organized various activities coordinating production and sales to promote the sales of farm produces to cities.

Relying on ule.com and ULE stations, Jilin City Postal Branch, together with branches in counties (districts), participated in the multi-sectorial and multi-channel marketing campaigns organized by China Post Group and Jilin Postal Branch, provided exclusive coupons for certain products, and actively engaged in specific activities like special promotion days, community group buying, promotion of 10,000-order commodities and agricultural products. Focusing on the locally produced rice and the black fungus produced in Northeast China, it forged the “Black and White” brand, and built 6 farm produce bases. Giving full play to its advantages in the integrated flow of commodity, logistics, capital and information and advantages of its direct reach to the production source, it developed a new model for selling farm produces to cities by building bases, improving quality, establishing brands, strengthening platforms, and expanding channels.

During the Festival, Sichuan Postal Branch secured 32 retail products with 10,000 orders (including 2 with 50,000 orders) and 44 group buying products with 10,000 orders, ranking first and third respectively among all postal branches nationwide. It focused on promoting the circulation of farm produces and industrial products and supporting rural revitalization, and carried out campaigns such as "engaging 30,000 employees as shopping guides", "striving for 10,000 orders" and "organizing 100 ecommerce livestreaming events" to continuously expand the sales of agricultural products. Among them, the "striving for 10,000 orders" campaign, aiming at selling base-produced agricultural products through online marketing tools and five group buying scenarios such as postal outlets, neighborhoods, business districts, canteens and campuses, has generated sales of more than 35 million yuan (about 5 million US dollars).

Relying on the online platform of ule.com, Hebei Postal Branch built "rural revitalization malls" for cities across the whole province, and carefully organized more than 150 seasonal and promotional best-sellers such as meat, eggs, milk, dried fruits, fresh foods and condiments for sale, thus forming a specialty product library. It pushed ahead in a coordinate way with the September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival and the 2022-2023 national marketing campaign for agency financial services in post offices. Based on community group buying on ULE Fresh, it achieved precision marketing through WeChat groups of customers started by postal offices. As of September 6, Hebei Postal Branch had generated a turnover of 19.19 million yuan (about 2.7 million US dollars) in the group buying events on ULE Fresh, amounting to 240% of the initial target set by China Post Group and concluding 32 buying groups with 10,000 orders each.

Chongqing Jiangjin Postal Branch established a wholesale ecosystem that brought together professional sales teams, postal outlets, ULE stations and neighborhoods. Based on the platforms of ULE Stores and ULE Fresh, it carefully selected best-selling products and farm produces directly from its production bases to enable new group buying every day, promotional events every week, and quality product promotion every month. During this year's Festival, Chongqing Jiangjin Postal Branch introduced as many as 30 brands and more than 200 products. Abundant products and attractive discounts ignited online merchants’ enthusiasm to place orders.











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