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China Railway Express Chang'an freight train opens dedicated mail route
China Railway Express Chang'an freight train opens dedicated mail route
|China Post News|2022-09-21

On the morning of September 16, China Railway Express Chang’an freight trains successfully launched the first train along the dedicated mail route jointly operated by the Administrative Committee of Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park and Xi'an Postal Branch.

It is learned that this freight train departs from Xi'an International Port in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, and arrives in Malaszewicze, Poland in 12 days, where the international mail and commercial express items it carries are forwarded according to their destinations by Poland Post to other European countries for delivery, with the overall transmission time of the items being reduced by about 15 days in comparison with the previous transport channels. Xi'an Postal Branch will seize this opportunity to expand and try cross-border e-commerce, first leg transportation to overseas warehouses, combined air-rail transport and other new international services, push forward mass and regular transport of mail by China-Europe freight trains, and forge such mail transport means into a new business card for international parcel, express and logistics service.

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