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National Museum Post Office opens
National Museum Post Office opens
|China Post News|2022-09-28

On September 26, the theme post office of the National Museum of China (hereinafter referred to as the NMC Post Office), jointly run by the National Museum of China and China Post, officially opened to the public. Director Wang Chunfa of the National Museum of China and Vice President Kang Ning of China Post Group attended the opening ceremony.

Situated in the last showroom of NMC’s permanent exhibition "Ancient China", NMC Post Office is square in structure, implying reaching every corner of the world through the small square stamp. And the pillar box is built in the similar shape of the square vessel (fang zun) with four rams, a NMC’s precious collection, to highlight the characteristics of the Museum. The collections of NMC are the source of inspiration for designing most of the philatelic products displayed in the theme post office, including commemorative stamps, stamp albums, folders, commemorative covers, series of postcards, independent franking marks and other types of products. Visitors can take photos in the individualized stamp frame and get them printed on-site to make unique postcards. In addition, this post office enriches the unique postmark culture by matching the postmarks with the philatelic products on similar themes of cultural relics, which can meet the visitors’ needs for postal products and services, and spread the fine traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture at the same time.

In recent years, China Post has attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation with NMC, issued commemorative stamps on the themes of its collections, and held first-day-of-issue ceremonies of zodiac stamps in NMC for many consecutive years. Since its trial operation on July 9 this year, the NMC Post Office has received strong support from the National Museum of China and China Post Group. It has been continuously enriching its product series and improving its service, its exclusive products and meticulous service having been recognized and affirmed by the visitors. With the official opening of the post office, it will launch more museum-featured cultural and creative products to pass on the fine Chinese culture and showcase the glamour of Chinese culture.

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