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Stamps commemorating 20th CPC National Congress to be issued on Oct 16
Stamps commemorating 20th CPC National Congress to be issued on Oct 16
|China Post News|2022-10-15

China Post will issue a set of two commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet under the title of The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on Oct 16, 2022. The design of the first stamp is named "Forging Ahead on the New Journey", the second "Making Contributions in the New Era" and that of the souvenir sheet "Celebrating the Opening of the 20th CPC National Congress". The denomination of the whole set is 8.40 yuan. The planned circulation is 13.9 million sets of the commemorative stamps and 7.9 million pieces of the souvenir sheet.

The 20th CPC National Congress is an important meeting to be held at a critical moment when the Party and the people of all ethnic groups are embarking on a new journey toward the second centenary goal of building a modern socialist country. The Congress will convene on Oct 16, 2022 in Beijing.

The first stamp depicts such characters as farmers, medical workers, engineers, professors and young parents with children in their arms. It also shows Tiananmen Rostrum, modern urban and rural landscapes, clear waters and green mountains, as well as graphics representing electronic chips and big data. Together, these elements constitute the image of a thriving new era with a happy life for all. The whole design reflects the high spirit of the Chinese people in forging ahead on the new journey and creating a better life under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China.

The second stamp depicts people from all walks of life, including students, farmers, policemen, workers, medical workers, public officials, athletes, astronauts, PLA soldiers and others, taking the oath under the Party flag. Together with elements such as the Monument to the People's Heroes and the Museum of the Communist Party of China, the design of the stamp highlights that the Chinese people are holding high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, forging ahead with enterprise and fortitude, making greater contributions in the new era, and striving for the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

The souvenir sheet features the Party emblem, red flags, the Great Hall of the People and people of all ethnic groups in celebration. Integrated with the musical notations of three songs in praise of the new era and the great achievements of the people led by the Party as well as elements of peonies and doves, such a design creates a warm atmosphere and demonstrates the joy of Chinese people of all ethnic groups working together and celebrating the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress.

This set of stamps was collectively designed by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (co-designers include Gao Hong, Fan Di'an, Lyu Pinjing, Qiang Yong, Hao Ninghui, Liu Qing, Jia Luyao, Luo Yunze, Lyu You), and printed by Beijing Stamp Printing House Company Limited with photogravure technology.

These stamps will be available for 6 months at designated postal outlets nationwide, online mall of China Philately (https://jiyou.11185.cn), the mobile app of China Post, the WeChat Mall for philatelic products in the official WeChat account and the WeChat mini program of China Post Group. To present more information about the stamps, China Post will release the digital contents through the WeChat mini program “Encyclopedia of China Philately and Stamps”, where philatelists can learn more about the stamps via its AR function.





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