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Annual volume of China Post EMS surpasses 10 billion, 62 days earlier than last year
Annual volume of China Post EMS surpasses 10 billion, 62 days earlier than last year
|China Post News|2022-10-21

By October 17, the annual volume of China Post EMS had exceeded 10 billion pieces, 62 days earlier compared with 2021, which indicated that China Post had steadily improved its quality and efficiency of operations, made new breakthroughs in its delivery capacity, and once again had its parcel, express and logistics service reach a new level.

Since the beginning of this year, the parcel, express and logistics business of China Post has focused on high-quality development, comprehensively deepened the six major reforms (i.e. reforms in the two-level centralization, land transport network, trunk line transport, mail center standardization, intra-city transportation, and collection and delivery network), and promoted the systematic remolding and overall restructure of the parcel, express and logistics network, thus enabling the significant improvement of the efficiency and profitability of the network. In August, the completion rate of the time limit of EMS and express parcel services reached a record high. The per capita processing efficiency of provincial-level mail center, equipment efficiency, the loading rate of intra-city mail transport vehicles, and the daily driving mileage of self-owned vehicles were also improved. Seizing the opportunities of the peak season of the Spring Festival and the “June 18” shopping festival, postal employees at all levels made every effort to retain existing customers and acquire new ones, thereby injecting the continual momentum to business growth. From January to August, the parcel, express and logistics service and EMS service have achieved steady growth; the international business has exceeded the average development level of the industry for three consecutive months; and the major areas such as e-commerce EMS service, return service as well as EMS fresh delivery service have gained high growth. At the same time, a number of influential key projects were developed, such as the integrated warehousing and distribution project for the Auto Finance Department of Ping An Bank Co. Ltd., preferential treatment certificates for veterans, and the distribution of Maotai liquor.

For the upcoming peak season of “Double 11” shopping spree, China Post proposes to achieve the overall goals of optimizing capacities to improve market share, optimizing standard to improve efficiency, optimizing operation to improve time limit, and optimizing service to improve customer experience. It will devote centralized efforts, resources, and personnel to the operations of and service support for the “Double 11”, and strive to satisfy customers and the society with concrete actions.

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