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Preliminary round of first China Post Data Innovation Competition concludes
Preliminary round of first China Post Data Innovation Competition concludes
|China Post|2022-10-24

The preliminary round of the first China Post Data Innovation Competition jointly held by China Post Group and its labor union has successfully concluded, and a summing-up meeting was held on October 12, 2022. Wu Yongmei, deputy general manager of the Planning and Construction Department of China Post Group, and Zhang Bailong, deputy general manager of China Post Information Technology Company Limited, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting summarized related activities held after the kickoff of the competition, including special training, ability test and expert review, and released a shortlist of 100 competing teams for the next round. 25 expert reviewers from business departments of China Post Group, its holding subsidiaries, provincial branches and other relevant units, and representatives of 152 participating teams were present at the meeting.

Focusing on the data empowerment effect of big data analytics when applied to practical business scenarios, the competition ignited the enthusiasm of teams of all levels to work on big data. The series of activities during the preliminary round of the competition rapidly improved the participating teams' capabilities in data analysis and modeling, enriched their ideas about data empowerment, and gave birth to a number of research topics that could reflect the actual business operation and bear innovation value, such as product selection for livestreaming, chain marketing, risk warning, etc. Taking the competition as an opportunity, the participating teams carried out multi-disciplinary, multi-unit, and multi-sectoral cooperation, and deepened the integration of business and technology, thus contributing to the application of data collaboration. Leveraging the advantages of the competition platform to promote technology sharing of modeling algorithms, the data teams at all levels dug out a number of innovative, valuable and feasible data analysis and modeling projects to form scale effect, thereby contributing to the digital transformation and high-quality development of China Post.  

With the conclusion of the preliminary round of the competition, the subsequent semi-finals and finals will continue to select excellent teams and motivate all participating teams to compete for better performance.

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