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Domestic EMS volume exceeds 12m on first day of “Double 11” shopping spree
Domestic EMS volume exceeds 12m on first day of “Double 11” shopping spree
|China Post News|2022-11-04

On November 1, China Post’s domestic EMS volume exceeded 12 million items for the first time, setting a new record and achieving new leap-frog development.

In October this year, staff of China Post’s parcel, express and logistics business units throughout the country, upholding the customer-centric and market-oriented business philosophy, visited all e-commerce customers with high average transaction value and got a head start to collect mail items promptly, so as to expand market size and improve delicacy management of customers. Since the beginning of the “Double 11” shopping spree, the business units have provided green channels for key customers to guarantee the quality of delivery, given top priority to EMS service in terms of the allocation of network resources and capacity, and executed EMS-first tactics in the operation of the whole process, in order to speed up dispatch and transportation and eventually shorten the time limit. Meanwhile, through strengthening organization and training, the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit has also improved the proportion of mixed mail collection and enabled the ID binding of all protocol accounts with a daily average of over 50 items to be collected. They have tapped the resources of mail centers and warehousing centers at city and county levels, improved equipment allocation, set up and upgraded centralized collection points based on local conditions, thus realizing multi-frequency collection, mixed loading of mail items from multiple customers and mailing without distinction, with the efficiency of mailing being raised from 1000 items to 2000 items per hour. By the end of October, the domestic EMS volume had exceeded its annual volume of last year.

According to the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit, the business, network operations and service quality personnel at its headquarters and provincial branches have co-located in their respective command and scheduling centers since November 1. They have been making plans and conducting review on a daily basis, and responding to abnormalities in real time, in order to maintain fine-grained control over the whole process and ensure smooth operation of the postal network.

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