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China Post accelerates for Double 11
China Post accelerates for Double 11
|China Post|2022-11-30

According to official statistics, from November 1 to 15, the total volume of China Post’s parcel, express and logistics business exceeded 600 million items, of which EMS volume was over 130 million items, setting a new record. However, volume growth did not slow down delivery speed. On the contrary, during “Double 11” shopping festival, the speed of the entire postal network was significantly improved, with the EMS time limit reduced by 15.2 percent and that of the express parcels 9.3 percent.

During “Double 11” this year, China Post, with its best condition and best performance, delivered satisfactory service to its customers and the whole society.

China Post has been accelerating for a better life.

China Post’s highlights during “Double 11”

From October 31 to November 14,

  • The Domestic E-commerce TOP Project generated a volume of over 10 million items (10.21 million items altogether), outperforming the express industry by 12 percentage points.
  • The Footwear and Apparel Industry Project generated a total volume of 684,300 items.
  • The first delivery in the industry, an item with EMS Swift delivery solution, was completed in merely 13 minutes. The timeliness rate of this EMS solution reached 100 percent.
  • The timely delivery rate in key provinces reached 99.98 percent, with service quality hitting a record high.
  • The Internet Industry Project cumulatively generated a volume of 1.135 million items, with a year-on-year growth of 18.5 percent, outperforming the express industry by 49 percentage points.
  • The Insurance Industry Project generated a total volume of 446,000 items.
  • Key customers enjoyed 100 percent timely collection and proactive customer service. Service quality remained stable and customer experience steadily improved.
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