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CNPSEC wins Jun Ding Award of China Securities Industry
CNPSEC wins Jun Ding Award of China Securities Industry
|China Post News|2022-12-10

On December 1, 2022 Jun Ding Awards of China Securities Industry were announced at the 2022 China Financial Institutions Annual Summit and China Securities Asset Management Business Summit Forum held in Shenzhen. China Post Securities Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as CNPSEC) won Jun Ding Award for Innovative Asset Management Plan in China Securities Industry.

The selection of Jun Ding Awards of China Securities Industry has been successfully held for 16 sessions. It is one of the important events to find out the outstanding securities companies in China's capital market, and highly recognized in the industry for its authority, impartiality and professionalism. CNPSEC’s award-winning product is one that aims to purchase fund shares from investors of well-operated private equity funds (especially industry investment funds) for secondary transfer. This product is a successful practice for ultra-high net worth wealth customers to invest in the private equity market, thereby facilitating the market liquidity. Such practice reflects CNPSEC’s original aspirations to serve the real economy, and demonstrates its dedication to the country with financial services and the fulfillment of its responsibilities as an SOE.

In recent years, following the regulatory guidance and sticking to its fundamental purpose, the asset management business of CNPSEC has constantly improved its investment research capabilities and product R&D level, ramped up efforts on customer development, attached importance to risk control and compliance, and continuously enhanced the differentiated competitiveness. Leveraging China Post’s strengths in channels and resources as well as the strengths in coordinated development, CNPSEC has embarked on the road of rapid and high-quality development.

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