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Commemorative stamps China’s Space Station to be issued
Commemorative stamps China’s Space Station to be issued
|China Post News|2022-12-24

On December 25, China Post is to issue the commemorative stamps entitled China’s Space Station.

With 4 pieces in set, the stamps are designed in a se-tenant form, and take dark blue as the dominant hue, reflecting the mystery and vastness of space and manifesting the glorious and dream-realizing course of China’s manned spaceflight project in moving from the Earth to the vast cosmos over the past 30 years.

The 4 pictures of the stamps are named as Space Transport System, Space Science, Extravehicular Activities and Home in Space respectively. The picture Space Transport System shows the soaring Long March 5B heavy-lift rocket in its foreground, and in the background the three types of rockets used in launching manned spaceships, cargo spacecraft, the core module and other modules during the construction of the Chinese space station, as well as a ship and a radar for Telemetry, Tracking and Command ( TT&C) and a return capsule of the TT&C satellite. The picture Space Science presents in the form of icons different types of space science experiments such as space life science, microgravity combustion science, microgravity fluid science, space astronomy and astrophysics. The picture Extravehicular Activities depicts two taikonauts entering space to carry out extravehicular activities, like extravehicular operations on the robotic arm and the outer wall of the spacecraft. The picture Home in Space takes the Chinese space station circling the earth as the main body, implying China’s aspirations to boost its strength in aerospace, build a home in space, and explore the unknown universe, and pinning on China’s good wishes for the peaceful use of outer space and for the open and shared development for the welfare of humanity.

The set of stamps, with the denomination of 5.40 yuan, is designed by Wang Huming, Dong Qi and Xia Jingqiu, and printed by the Anti-counterfeit and Secret-keeping Technology Printing Company of Henan Province.


the fluorescent effect of the stamp “China’s Space Station”