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China Postal Express & Logistics launches comprehensive strategic cooperation with HNA Group
China Postal Express & Logistics launches comprehensive strategic cooperation with HNA Group
|China Post News|2022-12-09

On December 5, China Postal Express & Logistics Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China Postal Express & Logistics) and HNA Group held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, which marks the beginning of a new development stage in which the two sides will carry out multi-dimensional and in-depth cooperation, work together to achieve win-win results, and jointly serve the society.

The strategic cooperation with HNA Group is another major action taken by China Postal Express & Logistics to optimize its network after the accelerations of delivery across the whole network in 2021 and 2022. The two sides will carry out all-round strategic cooperation in transport capacity demands, product system construction, transport capacity guarantee, digital empowerment, air transport capacity coordination and other aspects. Leveraging HNA’s advantages of nearly 800 aircraft and 1800 air routes reaching more than 300 cities and regions at home and abroad, both sides aim to cooperate directly in domestic and international mail/express transportation and cargo space on return trip from abroad. They will map out schemes for domestic trunk and regional connecting flights, create an efficient transfer mode between interline airlines at home and abroad, and enable exchange and complementation of cargo space on the same international air routes. They will also carry out overseas ground operations, customs clearance, and extended services of interline transport, and design and develop whole-chain products.

Both sides will jointly launch products in the field of cross-border e-commerce, cross-border logistics and dedicated international routes by leveraging their respective prime resources, so as to provide efficient and stable international supply chain channels for China's manufacturers to go global and help them expand overseas market.

Specifically, China Postal Express & Logistics will make use of HNA’s all-cargo flight resources to timely supplement its seasonal and temporary needs for air transport capacity in EMS fresh delivery and other projects, while adjusting its own aviation resources to the core areas of its transport network. With the cooperation, China Postal Express & Logistics will be able to open point-to-point direct all-cargo air routes and expand its trunk line air capacity, so as to provide safer, faster and more convenient services for the society and meet people's express delivery needs in their striving for a better life. At the same time, China Postal Express & Logistics will expand the coverage of EMS next-morning delivery and next-day delivery with the belly freight capacity of HNA’s passenger planes. It will ensure next-morning delivery in 29 cities such as Beijing, Haikou and Shenzhen with the help of HNA’s 222 night flights, and stabilize next-day delivery in 52 cities including Wuhan, Haikou and Tianjin with HNA’s 395 morning flights.

It is reported that China Postal Express & Logistics and HNA Group had already carried out cooperation in airfreight and other fields. With this agreement, which indicates a new level of their partnership, the two sides will further deepen their resource sharing, high complementarity and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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