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PSBC releases first white paper on data assets
PSBC releases first white paper on data assets
|China Post News|2023-01-12

On January 4, the Postal Savings Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as PSBC) held a press conference in Beijing to release PSBC Data 2022, the bank’s first white paper on data assets.

Data asset management is the reconstruction of PSBC’s big data application system from the perspective of data. Centering on the management and operation of data assets, it aims to achieve the goal that management improves service, data brings in value, and what is visible is attainable. Consisting of four chapters—the background of data asset management, PSBC’s data asset management system, PSBC’s data asset management practice, and PSBC’s data asset application, the white paper analyzed data as a factor of production and the trend of data asset management, and constructed a data asset management system with the characteristics of PSBC on the basis of reconstruction from the data perspective and PSBC’s actual situation, it is therefore forward-looking and innovative. At the same time, the white paper focused on rural revitalization, online financial services, risk management and other key areas, and contained more than 100,000 data assets such as data analysis models, labels, API services and so on, which could output data asset services rapidly via the corporate-level inventory, and thereby empower business development.

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