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China Post Group generates over 9 trillion yuan agency savings deposits
China Post Group generates over 9 trillion yuan agency savings deposits
|China Post News|2023-01-31

On January 26, the agency savings deposits generated by postal enterprises nationwide exceeded the threshold of 9 trillion yuan (about 1.327 trillion US dollars), reaching a record high of 9.0018 trillion yuan (about 1.3273 trillion US dollars).

In recent years, China Post Group has been continually pushing forward the management and innovation of agency financial service. It has built and improved the business development platform, and kept strengthening the business development policies and support measures. Through multisectoral collaboration at different levels, integrated training across different specialized lines and sharing of excellent cases of grassroots-level business development, China Post Group has guided departments at all levels to coordinate internally and cooperate externally, and gathered resources from inside and outside the postal network. It has focused on the development of financial service and continuously built "finance plus" and "plus finance" value-added service system with postal characteristics. Through effective online and offline customer attraction, acquisition, activation and retention, it has promoted the transformation and upgrading of business development, and achieved high-quality development.

In the complex, volatile and increasingly fierce market competition, staff members of agency financial service at postal enterprises nationwide have worked hard to accelerate the development and enabled the savings deposits to hit consecutive record highs. On February 4, 2016, the savings deposits exceeded 4 trillion yuan, reaching a new trillion-yuan threshold. Since then, it has stepped up to one after another new heights in June 2017, September 2019, February 2021 and February 2022. Over the eight years from 2015 to 2022, the agency savings deposits of China Post Group have achieved an average annual increase by 628.2 billion yuan, of which the cross-year marketing had generated an average annual increase by 548.2 billion yuan, accounting for 92.3 percent, with the overall business revenue increasing by 9.49 percent annually, therefore becoming "the cornerstone" of postal revenue.

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