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China Post aviation network operates during Spring Festival
China Post aviation network operates during Spring Festival
|China Post News|2023-01-31

11 trunk air routes in China Post's independently owned aviation network operated as usual during the Spring Festival holiday this year. These include Beijing-Nanjing, Hohhot-Shijiazhuang-Nanjing, Shenyang-Nanjing, Jinan-Nanjing, Zhengzhou-Nanjing, Guangzhou-Nanjing, Nanning-Nanchang-Nanjing, Fuzhou-Nanjing, Chongqing-Changsha-Nanjing, Chengdu-Nanjing and Lanzhou-Tianjin-Nanjing routes, accounting for one third of the routes operated by China Postal Airlines. From January 21 to 27, the public holiday of the Spring Festival, a total of 214 flights were operated on these 11 routes, with flight regularity rate surpassing 99 percent.

Since January 21, the cutoff time of the flights, which participated in operations in Nanjing Distribution Center and departed before 6:30 am, had been temporarily postponed to improve the loading rate. During the holiday, China Postal Airlines’ personnel of flight, maintenance, ground support and security inspection all stood fast at their posts and made great contributions to ensure the operation of the whole network of China Post, interpreting their responsibilities and serving thousands of households with their dedication and thereby becoming a beautiful view during the festival.  

As is reported, China Post’s independent international routes to Japan and South Korea also operated normally during the Spring Festival holiday.

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