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Chongqing Postal Branch overseas warehousing service: from single mailing to full-line strategy
Chongqing Postal Branch overseas warehousing service: from single mailing to full-line strategy
|China Post News|2023-02-01

In the overseas warehousing project cooperated with Maxpeedingrods, the project team of Chongqing Postal Branch has extended their service scope from mailing single items to full-line strategic cooperation, pushing their overseas warehousing service to a new level, and generating revenue of over 100 million yuan (about 14.74 million US dollars) in this project.

Based on the industrial features of Chongqing municipality, Chongqing Postal Branch targeted its prospective international business clients at export processing enterprises of automobiles and auto parts. Among many enterprises, it singled out Maxpeedingrods, a company which integrates production and cross-border trade, has innovative ideas and advanced sales models, and enjoys the fastest growth and highest efficiency in the industry. Maxpeedingrods is a large domestic sci-tech company with R&D and independent production capacities as well as overseas sales capabilities. It sells high-end cars and racing car accessories on various third-party platforms and has branches in European and American countries. At the initial stage, the cooperation mainly focused on international EMS to the USA, with a monthly turnover of less than 10,000 yuan (about 1,474 US dollars).

To help the company solve problems in international logistics costs and shipping time limits, the overseas warehousing project team of Chongqing Postal Branch assigned a full-time client manager to discuss with the logistics department and sales department of the client to find out the weight segments of their products for sale, and benchmarked the prices of competitors in coastal cities. After a great deal of data analysis and judgment, Chongqing Postal Branch decided to break out of the conventional product development model and expand the international shipping channels, so it set up a non-postal international cooperation platform to enhance the international express service capabilities in the inland region.

When the international logistics channel for the client was established, the project team then conducted dangerous goods transportation identification and filing for auto parts in accordance with the requirements of airport security inspection. After multiple rounds of coordination and communication, barriers to logistics were finally cleared and the consignment was successfully shipped abroad. By unblocking the logistics channel and shortening the shipping time, the project team facilitated the client to increase their sales quickly, thereby won their trust and recognition. As a result, the monthly income of the project was rapidly increased.

The project team provided overseas warehousing service for the client based on the overseas warehousing platforms established by the headquarters of China Post Group in the USA, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, and Australia. The client then went to the USA for investigation and launched the overseas warehousing cooperation project. With the gradual increase of the client’s shipment volume to the overseas warehouses, the initial shipment mode could no longer meet the needs for exportation. Therefore, the project team tailored for the client a comprehensive logistics solution that integrated express delivery, domestic and international logistics, and overseas warehousing service.

As the client effectively expanded into the U.S. market, the service capacity of the project team became insufficient to satisfy the client’s demands. With the support of China Post Group, the project team then established a transit warehouse in Shanghai and a transit warehouse in Chongqing for export to European countries as well, which eventually helped reduce the shipping time and the shipping costs for the client. To further improve customer experience, the project team actively sought strong support from relevant departments and managed to upgrade the Chongqing transit warehouse into a bonded transit warehouse for export so as to help the client reduce the export tax refund period. Leveraging the advantage of the normal transportation of Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe freight trains, the project team now offers “one-stop” shipping from the place of production to European countries, which shortens the shipping time by nearly one month compared with the previous sea shipping. The project team has now provided overseas warehousing service in Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, helping the client truly achieve the goal of “made in China, sold to the world”.

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