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Construction of rural delivery logistics system gains policy support in Anhui
Construction of rural delivery logistics system gains policy support in Anhui
|China Post News|2023-02-08

A few days ago, the Anhui Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government of Anhui Province issued guidelines on comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating to build up Anhui’s strength in agriculture in 2023. The document made it clear to support the construction of a rural delivery logistics system, requiring that the integrated development of passenger, goods and mail transportation services in rural areas be deepened to promote joint construction and sharing of transport, postal and express network within counties, and that the achievement of extending express delivery to all villages be consolidated to stably operate more than 5,000 village-level comprehensive delivery logistics service stations.

In recent years, Anhui Postal Branch has continued to accelerate the construction of rural delivery logistics system, and made every effort to build an "Anhui Model" in supporting rural revitalization. In the construction of the three-tier logistics system at village, township and county levels, Anhui Postal Branch has so far obtained financial subsidies of 136 million yuan (about 19.97 million US dollars) and free production space of 112,200 square meters, with postal-express cooperation in last-mile delivery covering 98.06 percent administrative villages. It has settled its postal outlets in 127 transport service stations at townships across the province, and started transporting express items through combination of postal vans and rural passenger buses on 141 cooperative lines. Next, Anhui Postal Branch will continue the construction of the three-tier logistics system and strive to deliver better life to rural areas in Anhui through cooperation of postal service and public transportation. It will accelerate the construction of cooperative distribution centers in demonstration counties, optimize the layout of township-level centers and village-level stations, and push forward the upgrading of county-level networks. Anhui Postal Branch will strengthen forward-looking planning for warehousing and cold chain logistics, and improve warehousing and distribution service for rural e-commerce.

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