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Guangdong Postal Branch launches customs brokerage system for international mail
Guangdong Postal Branch launches customs brokerage system for international mail
|China Post News|2023-02-14

Recently, Guangdong Postal Branch, together with Shenzhen Customs District, successfully launched the customs brokerage system for international mail in Shenzhen after several days of hard work. With the launch of this system, the previous operation modes of manual reconciliation and summary for customs duties of inbound international mail will be changed to electronic reconciliation of both the Customs and postal enterprises and automated duty settlement. And also, postal customers can conduct customs declaration and duty payment quickly and easily through the mobile application of the system. Hence, customs clearance for international mail will be further accelerated.

It is reported that the launch of the system has been a key task of China Post and the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) in pushing forward the interconnection of duty payment information between the Customs and postal enterprises. Guangdong Postal Branch and Shenzhen Customs District kept close communication and constantly improved the scheme of switching from the old system to the new one. To reduce the impact of system switching on business, Guangdong Postal Branch completed the stocktaking and warehousing of 14,000 stored mail items in just 3 days, and successfully merged the warehouse for customs supervised mail items and the warehouse for dutiable ones so that operations could be performed on the same site. With the hard work of all staff members of the International Operation Center of Shenzhen Postal Branch, their single-day record of inbound international mail information collection has increased by nearly two times compared with the record before the system was launched. The warehouse of items for customs brokerage also operated smoothly and efficiently. The customs brokerage system for international mail was thereby successfully put into operation on February 1.

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