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Henan Postal Branch organizes cross-border e-commerce summit
Henan Postal Branch organizes cross-border e-commerce summit
|China Post News|2023-02-17

On February 10, hosted by the Department of Commerce of Henan Province and organized by Henan Postal Branch, the cross-border e-commerce summit on the theme of "Join hands to facilitate going global" kicked off in Zhengzhou. Nearly 500 cross-border e-commerce enterprises attended the summit. In the following three months, summit events will be held in prefecture-level cities in Henan province.

At the summit, Henan Postal Branch thoroughly introduced its advantages of comprehensive cross-border logistics services, and more than 10 cross-border e-commerce experts interpreted product selection, operation, brand cultivation, logistics, platform policies and other issues concerning cross-border e-commerce. “Smooth and fast transportation channels are very important for e-commerce companies. Thanks to the dedicated international postal routes, our company’s products sell well in the world,” said a head of a business at the summit.

Since Zhengzhou was approved as the fourth important international mail hub port in China in March 2022 after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Henan Postal Branch, together with its strategic partners such as Henan Province Airport Group and Amazon platform, has actively expanded high-quality aviation capacity resources, and innovatively opened up dedicated commercial routes from Zhengzhou to Japan, North America and Europe, and new channels for international logistics, thus enabling the improved timeliness of international logistics and the reduced shipping costs for cross-border e-commerce enterprises. According to Henan Postal Branch, it will actively allocate superior resources, jointly build a platform of exchange and cooperation for cross-border e-commerce businesses in Henan, and give full play to its advantages in international delivery, logistics network and aviation capacity, to create a better environment for the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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